Check In One: Limited Spending Month

Hello Readers;

Summer 2021, I can see myself walking down the streets of Whistler, BC enjoying a vacation.  I long to see my sister, but can only see her when I am debt free. That is the deal with have with each other. I want to also face a fear of heights and go up a gondola ride up the mountain.  Visualizing being Whistler and Vancouver will keep me on track of my real goals.  Until then I will have to stay focused on what is important spending less and enjoying what I have right now.  

     Thank you for joining me on this journey to be debt-free.  It won’t be easy, and will take me a couple of years to be completely debt free.  Having a Limited Spending Month will determine if I can keep it going when the 31 days end. I do want to continue on the Limited Spending longer than this month.  It will be nice to keep this until I am debt free.  The plan is to buy items I truly need, and right now that isn’t much.  I have been on a decluttering kick lately.  It is interesting to see how much I have been getting rid of.  I hope that other people can benefit from my items.  Why keep stuff that I don’t use around the apartment.  It is freeing for the mind to release items that I no longer need or use.  

Today  I did so some spending on groceries and some other items.  My Starbucks card has $10.00 added.  I do like to sit down and have a nice cup of tea, while reading a book or writing in my journal.  I did have to buy some eye makeup remover.  Other than that I just bought groceries to last me for a little while.  I do want to eat what is in my cupboards, fridge and freezer.  It will be nice to see how creative I can be with my meals. I now have $149.00 to last me for the next two weeks.  This should cover any extra groceries and a couple of things that I want to do.  I do have plans for lunch with a friend.  I have no idea where we are going, but I won’t spend too much.   I do need to have some fun. 

I am so happy to see the sun and warmer weather.  It is still winter coat season, but at least in Ottawa, Canada is seeing temperatures above zero degrees Celsius is great.  Going on a nice long walk after work allows me to stay away from malls and see my neighbourhood.    It also allows me to clear my mind of any stress that is going on around me.  I do plan to go on many more walks to get some exercise in during the week.  I will continue these walks on the weekends. It is a great way to people watch, while getting out of the apartment. 

I feel like my mind has been all over the map with this post, but I still want to share my thoughts with you.  I hope that everyone is going well.  I will write more very soon as I continue this journey.  Until then have a great night/day. 

Yours truly,





Tomorrow: No Spending Starts


Dear Readers;

Tomorrow is the big day where I won’t spend money on anything, but the essential items.  I am feeling a hopeful and unsure of what this month will be like. 

At least it will make me find things to do in my spare time.  I have a feeling that there will be a lot more walks in this month.  I walk to burn out any uncertainty or stress I feel.  Walking is so good to release any stress. I also have a yoga pass with 20 sessions left on it.  I will put this to use this month.  I also want to use the exercise room more.  I have been eating a little more junk for lately out of boredom, and the good things about the spend fast is that I am not allowed to buy junk food. 

The plan is also to try and spend less time on the computer, because I am like many who spend too much time on Youtube, Facebook or Pinterest.  I want to spend more time on the wonderful chair I have while  reading and listening to peaceful music.  I want to find more time just to find peace within.  

 The weekends will be the hardest for me, because I have more time on my hands.  I hope that spring comes early this time.  It will be nice not to see the snow on the ground.  I am however happy to see the sunlight.  I hope it sticks around, because my mood is so happy when it is around.  I also look forward to warmer weather, where I can clean up my balcony.  I look forward to using my balcony more this year.  

I find I can sabotage my goals, due to fear, failure and not having faith that I reach my goals.  This time around the only choice I have is to believe that I can do it.  Just like the little train going up that steep hill…I think I can, I think I can!  I will not give up on myself, If I make a mistake during this time I will just readjust and keep on going.

Take Care, 


Gearing up for a Spending Free Month


Dear Readers,

I am gearing up for my No Spending Month, and am looking forward to the challenge that awaits me.  The idea is spending money only on bills, loans, rent and basic groceries.  As I said in previous post I want to see two movies and going out for dinner at Ikea for book club meeting in April.  The plan is also to eat through what I have at home.  I will only buy the basic needs for groceries and personal care. I will be creative with how I will spend time with friends. 

I have been decluttering my home and Canadian Diabetes will be picking up my items on April 2.  It feels freeing giving away items that I no longer use.  I could be trying to sell them to make more money, but I find that a hassle.  This way I can put my items to use for good. 

     There are so many books on the bookshelf at home, and I plan to sit down in my comfy chair with a nice cup of tea and read up a storm.  I haven’t done it nearly as much as I want to.  I will also use the library a lot more this month.  It is fun to get out of the house, and not spend a dime.  Walking around the library and seeing what it has to offer is great.  I will try to spend time in different libraries around the city.

I am fed up with being in debt and would love to break free from the chains that are holding me down.  I can’t wait for the day to be free of this chain.  I have been on this path for too long, and it will take me while to be free.  I have a tight couple of years a head of me.  During this time I will share what works for me, where I went wrong and how I improve on this journey. 

How many of you are on a journey of your own? I would love to hear your stories. 

Have a great day/night. 

Yours Truly,








Spending Fast Check In 2


Dear Readers, 

The idea of a Spending Fast is so not so new to me. That the hard part is trying to find the way to make the Spending Fast work for me.  I do have a budget and can be easy to follow if I learn to be stand by it.  My sister is willing to join me on the next Spending Fast.  Our Spending Fast will start March 18 to April 18, and it will be great to have a person that I am accountable.  Bree is very good with money and will be a great partner along this path. 

     Here are my rules for the Spending Fast:

  •   I must use up the food and tea in my cupboards, freezer and fridge.
  • Groceries:  I am allowed to buy the following (when used up):  coffee, black tea, meat, fish, beans, milk, yogurt, eggs, fruits, veggies, spices, sauces and dips.
  • Not allowed to buy:  chocolate, chips, cookies, popcorn, juice and pop.
  • I can see two movies;  Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim
  • Personal Care:  Female products, wipes and body wash (after the rest is used up)
  • Not allowed to buy soap or hand soap.  I have plenty of these items at home.
  • Medication
  • Hair: only to receive a cut.  (I will wash it beforehand)
  • Not allowed the following:  Dollar Store,  Clothing, books, other entertainment, fast food.
  • I will be allowed to eat out twice Book Club Meeting at Ikea with a meal, and to thank my parents for giving me an item.
  • My Fathers birthday is in April so I will be doing something to celebrate. 

I will write more check ins on my progress of the first month of my spending fast.  I hope to have learned some skills along the way.  I do want to make the spending fast last longer than a month and will continue it until it becomes second nature.  

I hope everyone has a great day and have fun on your own journey.

Yours Truly,




Confusion and a New Path

Dear Reader,

Last summer I met a guy at the outdoor pool in the apartment building where I live. Time pass and we saw each other throughout the summer. We really started to hang out in September and it was great.  I had butterflies and all the fun feelings I feel when there is someone I am attracted too. I haven’t felt this feeling in such a long time, and I forgot what it was like.  He is my usual type of guy, but not always the right type for me.  He lives in the same building as me.  This is great when you getting to know someone.  We would hang out at my place and see some movies.  We didn’t have a tittle to what we were to each other.  

  The guy would be all over the map with how he felt. He would say sweet things, be caring and considerate, but then turn cold. With him being all over the map with how he felt, he would throw me for a loop. I wasn’t the person who I want to be, but I didn’t know how to let go.  I knew the signs, but didn’t always  want to see them, because I my heart was in deep.  To say I was in an emotional roller coaster ride is and understatement.  There were times when I was on top of the clouds and other times when I was in tears.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I know I held on for too long and lost who I am.  I have to thank my friends who gave me a lot of support, advice (sometimes too blind to see it), shoulders to cry on, some laughter, and always willing to give me a hug. One friend told me to breathe, such simple advice.

I had a heaviness on my chest that I couldn’t get rid of, but I am over that now.  There is always a lesson to be learned from our mistakes. I am able to see some of mine this time around.  Which are the following:

     True friends will find the time to listen to your stories with an open mind.  They might not agree with what you are going through.  They are willing to guide you, give you advice and be the strongest support when you are down.  What I did this time around was thank my friends for being there for me.  I know that many of my friend are going through many situations in their own lives.  I made an effort to ask them about their lives as well.  I sent kind messages to friends via Facebook Messenger and written notes as well.  Just to let them know that I treasure them.

I lost my worth for a while, but with each day I am getting it back.  When I was younger and into my teens I was bullied.  I never felt that I fit in, and due to that I try to please the wrong people.  I have been looking for approval from guys, because I never felt good enough.  I don’t need approval from anyone.  I am good enough, strong, passionate, emotional, loving and willing to help others who are in need.   I have been able to live on my own for some time now, and that should be enough.   I am surrounded my people who truly love me.  No guy can give me love or happiness, until I can completely give it to myself.  I don’t need approval from anyone, because I am living a good life.

     Lust can be very blinding, because I have a deep attraction for a guy.  I am on top of the world, have butterflies for this guy, we are having a good time.  Lust doesn’t have staying power, there isn’t a deep enough of a bond when it comes to this feeling.  The guys that I lust for are not people I can see as a friend down the road.  Lust can throw be off-balance, then the doubt comes in.  Never a good sign. I tend to hold on longer than I should, due to the what ifs. There have been guys who have cheated on me, not committed or say all the things I like to hear to keep me around.  I need to listen to my intuition next time.   It never lies.  I need to speak up.

I am moving in the right path right now.  Each day I must count my blessing and be forgiving towards myself.  No more negative voices.  I must embrace the woman I am, because I have been through a lot and keep on bouncing back.

Until next time have a wonderful day.

Yours Truly, 






Spending Fast Check in One


Dear Reader,

I am a member of Goodfood, which is a program that allows a customer to purchase a meal plan.  The meal plan I have selected is the classic one, which is for two people.  I have selected the three day meal plan.  There are six meal choices, and I pick three that appeal to my taste.  Once a week a box full of the ingredients for the three selections are delivered to my door.  All I have to do is prep and cook the meal, by following the recipe card.  If there are weeks when I don’t want the meal all I have to do is go on the site and skip the week.  All the items in the box are from local farmers.  The other bonus is that every item that is in the box is recyclable.  The box is $65.00 per week, and this comes out of my grocery fund. 

I look forward spending time in the kitchen making the meals.  It is nice that someone else has created this tasty dishes and all I have to do is cut up and cook the food.   I am single so I can get anywhere from two to three meals from one dish.  This is worth the money in itself.  The meat is so delicious that I find it hard to go to the grocery store and buy the same meat there.  I also look forward to the left overs the next day.  

I have ordered two weeks of Goodfood meal plans.  I count my Goodfood into my grocery budget.  This leaves me money to buy the other basic items I need.  I have used most of my grocery budget and only have $95.00 for the next 28 days.  This is fine, because my freezer, fridge and cupboards have plenty of food in them.  I will just have to be creative and use up what I already have on hand.  This is good, because I have been meaning to do that anyways.  I am determined to stick close enough to my monthly budget.  I know it isn’t an easy task, but I am determined to do it just the same.  This is my year to be creative and not give in.  I have some plans for my future and this means I have to stay focus on what is important.  

      I will keep you posted on how my No Spending Month is going as I continue this journey.  Until then have a wonderful day!  Remember life is good, and be thankful for what you have.  You are blessed.

Yours Truly,





Vision Board: Financial Goals 2018


Dear Reader,

     I have created two vision boards to help me focus on what is important to me this year.  My sister has created some before, and she suggested that I create one. Here is the one for my Financial Goals this year. 

  • Read books on getting out of debt, happiness and gratitude.
  • Enjoy a year on a Spend Fast, only buy the basic needs to get you through the year.
  • Allow yourself $80.00 in fun money per month.  You can spend this on anything you want each month.
  • Keep yourself busy on your days off. 
  • See if you can put more than you are now each month on debt.
  • Record all the other wants outside of your $80.00 per month.  This way you can see what you didn’t spend your money on.  
  • This time next year if you follow the plan you will put a big dent into your debt.
  • Look forward to your No Spending Days.
  • Each month review how well you did or what you want to change for the next month.
  • Be honest with yourself.  Have faith in yourself.
  • “My positive money visions are coming true.”
  • Release the hold that your debt have on you, because you will conquer it.
  • My debt will shrink each month until it is paid off.
  • My savings account will grow.
  • “I am on the road to Financial freedom.”
  • “My attitude towards money is always positive.”

Thank you for joining me in this ride of changes.

Yours Truly,